Little helpers are little pots of pure Essential Oils contained in Vegetable Wax, for inhalation. Presented in pretty, handy sized heart or round shaped tins, they are discreet and give off no odour when their lid is on. Ideal for exams, business meetings, family gatherings or a night away when you know you may struggle to sleep.. there is one for every need!Perfect for mobile therapists & Counsellors 1 of each blend will be supplied

1 Headache Blend (Contains Pepperment-not suitable for use by people with Epilepsy)

1 Sleepyhead Blend (Contains Clary Sage-not suitable for use in preganancy)

1 Stress & Anxiety Blend

1 Sunny Disposition Blend (Not suitable for use in Pregnancy)l

Set of 4 Little Helpers Pocket Aromatherapy Tins (not Candles)

  • First class not signed for postage is £3.45 and will be combined whenever possible

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