Little Helpers Pocket Aromatherapy Tins

Little Helpers are discreet little tins of solid soya wax containing pure Essential Oils. Also now available my new range of Aromatherapy Sprays

They sit in your pocket until you need them, and are for inhalation only.

The benefits of Aromatherapy has been widely known for centuries, 

we even hear mention of Frankincense & Myrrh in Bible stories.

Essential Oils of Plants & Herbs were being used therapeutically back then, and are still used effectively today.

I developed Little Helpers originally to help support friends and neighbours within my community (the service community), after witnessing how Stress & Anxiety can effect quality of life and relationships. My own son, who is on the Autistic Spectrum, also benefitted very positively, which lead me to develop other blends to help at other times such Loss & Bereavement and Low Mood & Depression.

When we breathe in aromatic molecules, they travel to the top of the nose where the molecules come in contact with specialized nerve cells called Olfactory cells. These cells have tiny hairs which recognize a specific aroma through the ‘lock and key’ process. This means each hair will only recognize a specific aroma. This process produces nerve impulses which travel to the limbic system, the part of the brain which is most concerned with survival, instincts and emotions.

It is thought by scientists that the activity of the nerve signal passing through this region causes mood change by altering brain chemistry.

Blends Available:

Stress & Anxiety Blend

Headache Blend

Loss & Bereavement Blend

Sunny Disposition Blend

Sleepyhead Blend

Memory Blend


Little Helpers Aromatherapy Sprays

Introducing my new range of Aromatherapy Sprays!

Due to the popularity of the Little Range (and having been asked numerous times) I produced a range of handy,chemical free sprays in all your favourite Little Helpers Blends. I really hope you like them  !

Starting From only £5.95, these beautiful, hand made products are available in my shop